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Levitra: what should you know when you use it »

These are the facts on Levitra use, telling you how it works and when it works best. Levitra has been through special clinical trials proving it better in some situations

Levitra Myths and Misconceptions »

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the PDE5 inhibitor medication Levitra. Here are a few of them that have been lurking on the web for a certain period.

Levitra and quitting smoking »

Nicotine is a cause of artherosclerosis, one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Levitra can help but quitting is the best answer. Do not simply buy Levitra online and continue smoking

Levitra, the most effective ED drug »

Why is Levitra considered the most effective of the erectile dysfunction drugs? Does this mean the other two drugs are "no good"? Why prefer Levitra?

Levitra and your lifestyle

Erectile dysfunction and lifestyle

It's a sad fact of life that decisions we make about our lives come with consequences. If we find the consequences unpleasant, we can decide to turn back the clock and make real changes to our lifestyles. With determination and commitment, we can recover. So what are we talking about here? The answer, predictably, is what we eat. Yes, there's a constant stream of warnings about the epidemic of obesity. And you only have to walk about the towns and cities with your eyes open to see ever more people carrying too much weight. But the fact the news is old does not make it any the less true. Let's just recap the problem.

From the earliest years, we eat too much of the wrong food. It's a double whammy. Even for children, the portions are too big by international standards. By the time most people get to be adults, their bodies have been trained to think eating too much is normal. Indeed, dieting becomes increasingly difficult because most people have never known what real hunger feels like. That makes for an unpleasant surprise the first time you reduce your intake. It actually takes several months for your stomach to shrink and to feel eating less is "normal". Then comes the food itself. Most of what we eat contains too much carbohydrate. We need to cut down on high-fat food and stop adding sugar to everything. If we fail in this, artherosclerosis is almost inevitable. The higher the level of carbohydrates in the blood, the faster the deposit of platelets builds up in the blood vessels. Since the penile artery is one of the smallest in the body, it will be the first place affected. If you want the alternate threat, there's diabetes. Untreated this damages your nerve endings and that produces permanent erectile dysfunction.

There's an undeniable volume of evidence showing men who experience erectile dysfunction can cure themselves by adopting a heathy diet and exercising. This is not to say Levitra is irrelevant. It will keep you sexually active for months longer than the other drugs. But, sooner or later, the diet and lack of exercise catch up with your body and the erectile dysfunction becomes permanent. So rather than just taking Levitra when the erectile dysfunction first becomes apparent, do the sensible thing and make the lifestyle changes. Yes, it will be tough but it's better than the alternative of Levitra until the end.