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Levitra: what should you know when you use it »

These are the facts on Levitra use, telling you how it works and when it works best. Levitra has been through special clinical trials proving it better in some situations

Levitra Myths and Misconceptions »

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the PDE5 inhibitor medication Levitra. Here are a few of them that have been lurking on the web for a certain period.

Levitra and quitting smoking »

Nicotine is a cause of artherosclerosis, one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Levitra can help but quitting is the best answer. Do not simply buy Levitra online and continue smoking

Levitra, the most effective ED drug »

Why is Levitra considered the most effective of the erectile dysfunction drugs? Does this mean the other two drugs are "no good"? Why prefer Levitra?

Levitra and quitting smoking

Nicotine is bad for your health

There cannot be anyone left in the Western world who does not know the link between smoking and cancers. That's not just directly inhaling, of course. It includes passive smoking which, scientists agree can be more dangerous than actually smoking the tobacco. Indeed, one of the more interesting debates going on in governments which care about their voters is whether all tobacco products should be sold in bare boxes, only decorated with photographs of people with diseased parts of their body on display. This assumes the people who have been addicted to the nicotine will quit because they are afraid of cancer. Unfortunately, there's not much evidence that fear works well as a deterrent to smoking.

Well here comes another reason for quitting. Perhaps you might not fear cancer but how do you feel about erectile dysfunction? Did you know there's a small mountain of scientific evidence showing men who smoke are twice as likely to lose erections as men who do not smoke? Why is this? Well, one of the effects of nicotine is as a vasoconstrictor. That's the technical way of saying it causes the blood vessels to contract. This has two effects: first it increases blood pressure and second it encourages the walls of the blood vessels to harden. Once that happens, the damage cannot easily be reversed. Since the penile artery is one of the smallest in the body, it can be the first permanently damaged and so deny you erections. In such cases, neither Levitra nor the other erectile dysfunction drugs will work. Now we need to add in another variable.

When tobacco burns, it gives off a complicated mix of chemicals and some of them combine to reduce the level of nitric oxide in the your body. Unfortunately, nitric oxide is a vital chemical involved in the process of creating and deflating an erection. If your body is not in full control of the level of nitric oxide and where it's to be found in your body, this will encourage erectile dysfunction.

The moral of this is you should quit smoking. Not only are you likely to live longer but you will enjoy sex again (although sometimes needing the help of Levitra). It's not sensible to risk your long term health by continuing to smoke and relying on Levitra. Take the warning sign at face value and save yourself a lot of pain by quitting.