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Levitra: what should you know when you use it »

These are the facts on Levitra use, telling you how it works and when it works best. Levitra has been through special clinical trials proving it better in some situations

Levitra Myths and Misconceptions »

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the PDE5 inhibitor medication Levitra. Here are a few of them that have been lurking on the web for a certain period.

Levitra and quitting smoking »

Nicotine is a cause of artherosclerosis, one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Levitra can help but quitting is the best answer. Do not simply buy Levitra online and continue smoking

Levitra, the most effective ED drug »

Why is Levitra considered the most effective of the erectile dysfunction drugs? Does this mean the other two drugs are "no good"? Why prefer Levitra?

Levitra and erectile dysfunction FAQ

How does Levitra work?

To produce an erection, the main artery leading into your penis has to dilate and let more blood into the penis. As the penis swells, the blood is trapped inside and your penis goes hard. When you have finished, a chemical messenger is sent to contract the artery. This slows down the amount of blood and the erection drains away. If the message to contract the artery is sent at the wrong time, this either prevents the erection from forming or cuts it off before you have finished. Levitra intercepts the message and allows the artery to expand naturally.

What is artherosclerosis?

If you have too high a level of carbohydrates in your bloodstream, this can leave a deposit of platelets on the walls of your veins and arteries. Over time, these harden and slow down the blood, Your blood pressure rises and, untreated, this can cause a heart attack. That's why erectile dysfunction in young men is a good predictor of a heart attack within five years. As a general rule, none of the erectile dysfunction drugs will work if the blockage in your penile artery is more than 70%. The safest course of action is to get treatment and relieve the blockages in your blood vessels.

Can you guess the right dose?

The best approach is a mixture of science and guesswork. Some doctors apply a formula based on your body weight, but this is imprecise because the degree of erectile dysfunction is not something to be measured accurately. Since Levitra is the most powerful of the three drugs, it's always better to start with the lowest possible dose. If that does not produce a satisfactory result, make the smallest possible increase and try again. You should be aiming to find the lowest possible effective dose. Men older than 65 and those with a kidney or liver disorder should not take more than 5mg per day and judge results. In all cases, adopt a trial and error approach to tailor the dose to your body.

Do you automatically get an erection?

No. Although the injection produces an involuntary erection, Levitra only enhances your natural body reaction, i.e. the erection comes when you find the situation sexually stimulating.

How long is the Levitra effect?

On average, men find they become sexually active about thirty minutes after taking Levitra. The effect lasts for about five hours.