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Levitra: what should you know when you use it »

These are the facts on Levitra use, telling you how it works and when it works best. Levitra has been through special clinical trials proving it better in some situations

Levitra Myths and Misconceptions »

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding the PDE5 inhibitor medication Levitra. Here are a few of them that have been lurking on the web for a certain period.

Levitra and quitting smoking »

Nicotine is a cause of artherosclerosis, one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Levitra can help but quitting is the best answer. Do not simply buy Levitra online and continue smoking

Levitra, the most effective ED drug »

Why is Levitra considered the most effective of the erectile dysfunction drugs? Does this mean the other two drugs are "no good"? Why prefer Levitra?

Levitra: what should you know when you use it

Will Levitra work for all men?

As with the other two drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction, there are going to be cases where the medical problems are too severe for any drug to work. This may be because of a serious physical injury to the back, the muscles or the nervous system affecting the sexual equipment, damage caused by a disease like diabetes, or a serious mental disorder. There's always going to come a point when no erectile dysfunction treatment is going to be successful. You may require treatment for the other problems first, or there may be no hope at all.

Will Levitra work when the other drugs fail?

There have been comparative clinical trials where Levitra has been shown to work in more cases following damage to the nerve endings caused by diabetes and following surgery for prostate cancer. The reason is that Levitra is a more powerful drug per milligram, i.e. when you take this drug, you get a better response from a smaller quantity of the active chemicals. For those who dislike the idea of taking any drug, this is a big advantage. More generally, it means your body is more likely to respond to a dosage matching those usually prescribed for the other drugs. So, when the other drugs stop working, you are likely to find Levitra will continue effective. Depending on the underlying medical condition, even Levitra may stop working eventually, but it will always work for longer.

Is there really a danger to your eyesight?

There are times when scare stories in the media prove completely without scientific foundation. Since the first reports of erectile dysfunction drugs causing blindness first surfaced, researchers have been looking for evidence. So far, there are less than ten cases where there's any link and there's absolutely no evidence to show the erectile dysfunction drugs were to blame. It's just a coincidence. That said, if you have a genetic eye disorder and are worried about taking Levitra, ask your regular physician whether there's been any change in the evidence. For most practical purposes, there's nothing to worry about.

What is priapism?

In a few cases, men have found the erection lasts for several hours and grows increasingly painful. If this happens to you, go to an ER. This is embarrassing but, if you fail to get treatment, it can cause permanent damage to your penis.